Icw Amilcar Packer

On invitation of Helmut Batista / Capacete

29th Sao Paulo Biennale, Brazil


It started out in the beginning 2009. We just had our rental car locked in a parking lot during the weekend and had to stay in Sao Paulo for a few more days. Capacete had just expanded to Edificio Copan in Sao Paulo and Amilcar Packer, Helmut Batista and us went to have a SANDIWHICHI around the corner. Standing there and sipping on a cold cerveza we stopped feeling sorry for ourselves - it was SABADO after all and Amilcar is a walking superguide through the nightlife of the city.

We used to go out to explore: discover new styles of musics, new fashions, to be suprised, to get excited and nowadays a lot of this is gone. Partly because with the four of us we have seen our fair share of night time activities by now and are not surprised so easily anymore -  Partly because going out became much more predictable because places have to build an reliable image of who and what their customers can expect and this is so BOOOOOOORING...
We knew we can do it differently >>> and then Helmut said it: WE SHOULD DO OUR OWN PLACE!

In 2010 the opportunity arose to include the project into Capacetes activities at the 29th Sao Paulo Biennale. Since FUCK had just organized the Brazilian AIR program in the Bijlmer and the FATFORM icw with Kaleb de Groot, WE HAVE A BAR felt like a logical continuation of activities that were already existing: just in a new context and unknown territory: Sao Paulo Centro.

We squatted a Bar in the very centre of Sao Paulo for 5 weeks starting our activities one week before the official opening of the 29th Biennale. 
This was to create an informal meeting point for all the artists around the Biennale and Capacete. Together with Amilcar Packer we curated an eclectic mix of
DJ, s Bands, Performers and Artists. Short pockets of real surprises in a relaxing and fun surrounding. No relational aesthetics. Generosity and love was our approach. See for yourself...


Fernando Torres (Plano B/Rio de Janeiro), Jonas Ohlsson and an Argentinian genius that Fernando brought along building up. 

Fernando Torres during his amazing noize set.