Sammla Mammas Manna & Ida 2007


About 10 Swedish Artists

Together with my solo show I will curate a group show called "Von Zammla Mina Mannar & Ida". This show almost lends its name from the legendary 70's Swedish experimental folk music groupSammla Mammas Manna (later renamed Von Zamla) and will be a presentation of young Scandinavian underground art.
When I left Sweden for Holland in 1996 I left behind me a large network of friends working in the field of experimental electronic music and art. Ten years later everybody is still active and going strong, some in the field of music, others in visual art. I thought it was time to introduce Holland to my Scandinavian buddies. Most of them have never exhibited here and I thought this show in De Praktijk might be the perfect platform. "Von Zammla Mina Mannar & Ida" will be a very personal display of heroes and friends of mine from the cold north, many with whom I have collaborated during the years. The curatorial theme in this show could be called... "Buddy blood is stronger than water" At the opening the legendary experimental electronic performance sect "En Halvkokt I Folie" will play live and if we are lucky also the old school noise group Enema Syringe.

Artists who will participate...

Iwo Myrin takes photographs of magic mushrooms in the forest far up north and blows up the prints to man size proportions. The mushrooms also come as bronze sculptures. He spent some years recording bear sounds in Zoos and taking photos of empty bear mountains. The bear sounds were remixed by composers from all over the world and released on a compilation CD. The pure unmixed bear sounds were released on a 7 inch single...Iwo is also a long standing member of "En Halvkokt I Folie" (me too by the way, although not AS longstanding).

Andreas Nilsson is a rock god (plays with the critically acclaimed Silverbullit) who also makes video clips for among others... The Knife, Depeche Mode and Goldfrapp. In Holland you might have seen his fantastic intricate installations, backdrops, puppets, and animations for the live performances of the Swedish electronica group The Knife. They played at Lowlands and at a sold out concert in Paradiso this fall. But despite his many talents at heart he is still a painter and here he will show some of them.

Fredrik Söderberg is an old friend who loves the occult, industrial music and viking wisdom. He has had a rocket career on the gallery scene in Sweden and will show some new paintings and maybe even some prints.

Anders Nordby and Ida Ekblad are an outlaw curator/artist duo who curated the blockrocking "With Us Against Reality Or Against Us" show in Oslo 2005. That show forever changed the dynamics of the Norwegian art scene. Anders is the only curator I know who has been refused entrance to the USA. His cross Atlantic curator jetsetting days are over even before they began...which in itself is very cool. They will show prints and drawings...

Lars Larsson is one of the founding fathers of the evil electronica sect En Halvkokt I Folie and helped shape the experimental music scene in Sweden in the late 70's and early 80's. His attitude and general weirdnesshave been an inspiration to us all. He will perform live at the opening with his dance sect En Halvkokt I Folie.

Kai Parviainen is my best friend and together we had a band called Enema & Gejonte. In the 80's he made weird noise music under the name Enema Syringe, he has recently been invited to perform in New York at the No Fun Festival and just released old classic material on the Belgian label Ultra Eczema...

Zwarre is the young energetic guy. A great friend who keeps us all inspired and releases material from all the rest of us through his excellent Börft label. He makes weird techno under the name Frak and Experimental music under the name Alvars Orkester. The legendary label Touch just released their music and there's another CD coming. He will show drawings and stickers and we will promote his label Börft.

Nathaniel Mellors is from London so his participation ruins the whole Nordic theme of this show, which is good, but he is a friend and someone who does great art and music, so in that sense he fits this group like a glove department. I don't know what he will show but I'm sure it will be great..

Niclas Löfgren is a new guy on our scene, he will show home made drawings which are very strange.

Jonas Broberg the modular synthesizer King and Micke Grahn, who is a professional comix artist, might show up to perform in En Halvkokt I Folie, both longstanding members and Micke might show some well drawn comics too...
Magnus Axelsson might do a surprise appearance.

Jonas Ohlsson, Amsterdam, December 2006



Iwo Myrin, Ander Norby och Ida Ekblad


Gubben Har Landat!!!!










Iwo Myrin in front of Nathaniel Mellors body sculpture and Andreas Nilssons paintings.



Overview of Jonas Ohlssons installation.




Iwo Myrins magic mushroom sculptures in bronze.




A close up....