FATFORM has been a BIG succes. We are now prepairing for our third year. All photos below are from the 2010 edition. For more information and photos, go to: www.FATFORM.com


Fotos credits : Herve Hubert - If not marked differently

Ad de Jong - Start A New Artworld Foto: Ad de Jong


FATFORM is an artproject that challenges the idea of a traditional platform at the same time as it uses its basic functionality. Local and international artists meet, exchange, exhibit and perform together at one of the best underground locations in Amsterdam: The rooftop of the Kraaiennest Shopping Centre in Amsterdam-Zuidoost. With an experimental cross programming different audiences are attracted from various fields such as contemporary art, hip hop, new media, performance and noize and are encouraged (or basically forced) to at least have a peek at the other.

We see this project as an experiment to find a form that is open enough to have space for our diverse and often non-compatible networks. It is important for us to not try to minimize these incompatibilities but rather we would like to propose a form that is FAT enough to contain all radicals.
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Ad de Jong - Start A New Artworld Foto: Ad de Jong
Food time at the bar
Anno Mc performing together with his son - Do the Helicopter
Folks freestylin on the mic - just seconds before the police shut us down.
Jonas Ohlsson, Phantom and Jeffrey Croese - Phantom made a fantastic set with Nedra and Sensiriti Sound the next day

Gikkels performance
Sabrina Seifried - Dont Die Ding Dong

Lester performing

Guga Ferraz - Limo, Magnus Mondfeldt - Flags, in the back Carlos Antonio de Mattos working on his drawing installation
Carlos Antonio de Mattos working on his live drawing installation - Future Favela
Two Dogs and a DJ from Rotterdam performing
Michele Matyn - Foto
Lieven Segers - drawing installation
One of the exhibition spaces at night
Johann Knauth from Hallo Gallo/Stenze Quo made a fantastic noise set - later that night he freestyled with the Brazilian MC Tantao

CIA Funky Fresh and Warrior performing and heating up the crowd
Robert Dupic made this rabbit next to the VIP area
The crowd chilling with DJ Bushdoof playing in the sun
At night things heated up with Dret and Krulle performing their mega hit "Beestachtig"
Friends from far and near enjoying a cold drink at the bar
Lieven Segers - another shot of his drawing installation
Kaleb de Groots beautiful piece mingeling into the skyline of the Bijlmer
Kaleb de Groot and Gabriel Lester at the bar
Jeffrey Croese from Vinger sipping a cold one
The Brazilian artist Guga Ferraz made a series of interventions on the roof next to his life size paper limo - here a self portrait in flames
Definetly one of the highlights: Dret & Krulle - Zuidoost je weet wel of je weet geen fuckin' shit...
Brazilian artist Andre Amaral made this beautiful floor piece from grass as well as some silkscreen prints of Lampiao that you can see below
DJ Jane Doe (Samen Sterk Records) and Andre Amaral hitting it off
Daniela Bershan infront of her sculpture F-toren. Fotocredits:  Auke van der Hoek
Stadsdeelvorzitter Marcel La Rose and Daniela Bershan
A big shoutout to Studio Roosje Klap who made all amazing designs for us!
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