BOOM BOOM BOOM!!!...Noise masta DJ Lonely

The go-to-guy for ghetto Tech kills the disco doubt

on the chancefloor with a BUMPY flow of semi evil FUNK!!!

My Own Music (often together with others)

My musical passion came before my art passion (which is the case for most people I guess).

After years of collecting industrial music and noise I started a band with my best friend Kai Parviainen, Enema & Gejonte. 

Before that (this was in 1988) he had his own band together with Landgang, Enema Syringe.

Enema Syringe is up and running again, after a +- 15 year holiday, noising hard.


Enema & Gejonte stopped when I moved to Amsterdam in 1996,

but Kai and me occasionaly do little reunions.

Usually when we can no longer pay for our crystal meth and prostitute addictions.

The motivation is (and always was) cash.


Later I moved to Amsterdam and started my solo project Blodfet & DJ Lonely.


Here I also met sound genious Heimir Bjorgulfsson, we released 3 CD's on various labels.

He jumped ship on one of our American tours, he fell in love with a beautiful girl in Los Angeles and married.


DJ Culture

In Amsterdam I met Baba Electronica (the FUNK monster), and we set out to change the world thru DJ sets and record releases, we are!!!!


I remember DJng for the first time in 1986.

The reason then was just that I had more records than other people (which is often still the case).

I am still technically totally unskilled as a DJ, mixing is for mastrubators...I think it is rude to cut a track, I rather wait until it's finished.

...and THEN!!!!



During the years DJing has become a nice side dish and we do it quite often these days, and it is safe to say that

FUCK would not have looked the way it does had we not had the music.

But DJing was not something I actively looked for, unlike making my own art and music, it was something that came to me,

by others asking me to do it.


Certain attitudes and energies have inspired us enormously, lately Brazil (Rio de Janeiro and Baile Funk to be specific)

have been an enormous source of inspiration for us.

60% of our DJ sets consists of 3rd world Ghetto funk...Baile Funk, Capoeira, Kuduro, Techno Brega, Kwaito, Cumbia, Dancehall, and so on...

Our many travels constantly gives us new unique material which keeps our sets fresh and unique, Rio and Sao Paulo has been ENORMOUSLY

fruitful for our record collections lately, but also Aruba, Los Angeles, Chile and Sweden has helped us keeping our sets alive and kicking.

Of couse the internet is an important source too for new music, but our base of our DJ sets is still music that we find on our travels

or that is given to us by soulmate DJs from all over the world.

For the rest it is just Bass heavy first world ghetto funk from all over...Dubstep, Ghetto Tech, Tech House, Techno, House, Gabber and Industrial

and much, much more...

What unites our music harvest is an attitude and atmosphere of dark, joyful, funk.