Bas de Boer

BAS DE BOER (1978) studied at the Royal Academy of Fine Arts in The Hague. He participated in various national and international solo- and group shows, among others: FATFORM in Amsterdam, 1646 in The Hague, KIM? in Riga, Heden in The Hague, De Service Garage in Amsterdam. His paintings, installations and video’s explore the subjects of decay and/of popular culture in a dark but humorous manner. His black, expressive and seemingly chaotic signature stands out in a world obsessed with cleanliness and order (see also

Press (in Dutch):
- Bas de Boer - It would not carry such grace...
- Tagarchief: Bas de Boer
- Cuckoo, a tar nest clockwork van Bas de Boer bij Heden, Den Haag