Robert Dupic

LOVE @ 1646 2009


Mirdije Sheji, Robert Dupic, Daniela Bershan, Jonas Ohlsson and Dr. Broadcast

(a.k.a. Peter Hallberg)

this exhibition was formerly named “O.T.”

Amazing Croatian Student 2007


Amazing Croatian Student

Soloshow Robert Dupic 

FUCK, Amsterdam Zuidoost 

Robert Dupic

Robert Dupic is a Croatian artist whose raw, playful style functions as a tool of direct communication. His drawings, installations and sculptures show everyday topics in an unpolished but poetical manner. Often, humans and animals are depicted in relation to the city or other urban environments. For Dupic art making is an obsession and a way to survive in and relate to the world around him. With seemingly simple interventions and materials he changes the hierarchies and relationships of our direct surroundings.