Jonas Ohlsson

LOVE @ 1646 2009


Mirdije Sheji, Robert Dupic, Daniela Bershan, Jonas Ohlsson and Dr. Broadcast

(a.k.a. Peter Hallberg)

this exhibition was formerly named “O.T.”

Fultjack Blot 2005

There will NEVER be any information about this show...NEVER EVER!!!!!

Has nothing to do with construction work...just the way we roll!!!

Kannibaal: Elitism in Art 2007

A short intro about the context of this exhibition.

Jonas Ohlsson

This is a text/interview that Joris Lindhout did with me before a show in Dolores, June 2009...

When one reads previously published articles and interviews with Jonas Ohlsson one realizes that writing a classical press release for a show with Jonas Ohlsson is a difficult task.