"Mas o menos Aruba y dibujos"

10 Apr 2011 - 16:30

"Mas o menos Aruba y dibujos" 
een tentoonstelling rondom Ateliers ’89 en de Nederlandse Cariben
10 april – 08 mei 2011, do-za 12.00-17.00
Opening: zo 10 april 16.00-20.00

Met om 18.30 een audiovisueel miniconcert van de band Datapanik 
(feat. Fellow) & Balashi bier, Old Parr Whiskey en "Sopi di Mondongo"





Featured artists: Tomas Adolfs, Efrem Angela, Jabu Arnell, Daniela Bershan, Chantal Breukers, Vera Croes, Mena Dirks, Telka van Dodewaard, Brenda Every, Faranu, Adolfo Fenandez, Andre le Grand, Nelson Gonzalez, Rob te Haar, Miek Hoekzema, Michael Lampe, Elvis Lopez, Alida Martinez, Felix Mumford, Lizymar Ochoa, Ryan Oduber, Jonas Ohlsson, Frans Oosterhof, Hugo Javier Palmar Cruz, Marjo Postma, Fernelli Romero, Anjo Rotterveel, Suzanne van Spall, Tarja Szaraniec & Glenda Heyliger, Weng Mee Tang, Ken Wolff en Thessaly Zimmerman.

Moritz Ebinger’s second exhibition as Nieuwe Vide’s curator for the year 2011 focuses on Ateliers ’89, an institute for contemporary art and design on the island of Aruba. “Mas o menos Aruba y dibujos”, which literally translates as “more or less Aruba and drawing”, springs from Ebinger’s guest lectureship at Ateliers ’89 in 2010. Communally made drawings by his students form the heart of the exhibition. Many lecturers and former guest lecturers share in as well.

Ateliers ’89’s workshop and exhibition programme brings young Dutch-Caribbean artists into contact with current developments in the arts. In recent years this has led to many cultural exchanges: Dutch artists have contributed to the curriculum through residencies and talented Caribbean artists have been given the opportunity to further their studies at art academies in The Netherlands.

On 8 May, the last day of the exhibition, another BUZZ!! will take place, with lectures, tours and performances. Keep an eye on our website for the programme.

In the exhibition space you can also see the ongoing project “Zwaan Kleef Aan”. Throughout 2011 various artists will add to this ever-expanding wall drawing. So far Suzanne Drummen, Moritz Ebinger, Marissa Evers, het Harde Potlood, Femke van Heerikhuizen, Karla Hoeben, David K.C. Moir, Serge Onnen, Jacobien de Rooij and Annemarie van Sprang have contributed. 

Nieuwe Vide is kindly supported by the municipality of Haarlem. The programme of Ateliers ’89 has been made possible by the Regeling KulurA of the Mondriaanstichting.