about drawings

16 Feb 2012 - 19:00

Hello all!

I (Jonas Ohlsson) was asked by Lost Property to give a small talk about drawing.

Tomorrow (Thursday Feb 16, 2012) starting at 19.00.

I will talk about intuition as a greater ocean of knowledge than logic and how to access it.

Language and speech as a dominant, sometimes corrupting force in how we perceive the world and how you via drawing (for instance) can access various non verbal realities...

I will talk about some writers that have helped me in my thinking and I will show some examples of my own drawings and talk you thru their proccesses of how they came to be...and why??!!! 

Also a bit about football (Lionel Messi and Zinedine Zidane specifically) as another example of creatively inspired bodily intelligence.

I will talk briefly about ideas surrounding theory vs practice, "could you become a great lover/fucker by just reading the Kama Sutra?"

Also a bit about ideas surrounding standardisation...AND more...

We might also do a little drawing workshop afterwards, also music and good beer....WELCOME!!!!!

AND...DJ Lonely will DJ at Occii on (Friday 17 Feb 2012) more info here....