07/21/2011 - 12:35
We are FUCK!

FUCK would be a bad name for a punk band from Kreuzberg and a horribly unimaginative name for a porn site. But in the somewhat safe-ish art world it still shines and sparks with unpolished rebellious magic. FUCK is a collective of international artists, djs and theoreticians based in the Bijlmer in Amsterdam, The Netherlands. Its members have a wide variety of interests, backgrounds and artistic preferences, but are connected through a shared activist attitude towards life and art. FUCK initiates various activities in contemporary art and music and engages in a variety of collaborations using curatorship as a tool that aims to complicate any definition of the group. Through projects based on the specificity of site and time, as well as the use of a cross-over of materials and supported by the fluidity of the group process, FUCK intends to create new cultural connections all over the world, for example at the 29th Sao Paulo biennial and at FATFORM in the Bijlmer in Amsterdam (see www.fatform.com). The production stretches from drawings, paintings, sculptures, performance, installations, music, residencies, exhibitions and publications. Because for FUCK life and art are intimately intertwined, their projects always react on current issues and situations, while continually containing a critical approach to each theme or project, but without being negative or moralizing. FUCK’s goal is to go against mainstream assumptions behind art and culture and engage in a dialogue using humour, raw passion and the attitude of a band...

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